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Tak Bat

Sometimes the young give us hope for the past.
Even as the world changes around them rapidly, many devoted Buddhists in Laos, continue to practice the daily alms-giving ceremony in the traditional way. Rising well before the sun to prepare food, observing ancient customs of propriety, and spending every morning providing monks with food for the day.

In a world obsessed with the latest smartphone and overflowing with comforts, can Tak Bat survive and culture still be proud for the people


Director: Seangpheath Southnavong
Writer: Seangpheath Southnavong, Sean Chadwell
Producer: Ka Xiong
Director of Photography: Houmphanph Phahongchanh
Editor I Colourist: Houmphanh Phahongchanh
Sound Engineer: Kongsy Vilayphone
Music: Seangpheath Southnavong
Main character: Miss Savitee Southnavong
Documentary Workshop by Cyril Eberle 2015