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Phralak Phralam

A look behind the mask - and into the heart - of a man devoted to preserving the dance that has for centuries unified the culture of Laos. Aynoi is a middle-aged dancer, artist, and teacher in the Phralak Phralam tradition in Luang Prabang, Laos, who is devoted to teaching the younger generation of artists and dancers in the traditional way: they serve as apprentices, learning as they work, and Aynoi supports their education.

However, the older man becomes jaded when a group of his own students breakaway to form their own competing troupe. His response is to discontinue his practice for four years. When the same students return to ask forgiveness and work, Aynoi denies, but he has now returned with a new student... and a new-found passion for Phralak Phralam.

Director: Houmphanph Phahongchanh
Writer: Sean Chadwell
Producer: Aaron Minks
Director of Photography: Cyril Eberle
Editor: Houmphanph Phahongchanh
Sound Engineer: Kongsy Vilayphone.
Documentary Workshop by Cyril Eberle 2015